Open Pre-K Enrollment details

Open Pre-K Enrollment details

Enrollment and Program information for Moody ISD Pre-K programs for in district 3-year-olds & 4 year olds. At this time Moody ISD does not accept transfers for our PK program. It will be reviewed at mid year and again in June by the administration.

Pre-K3 & Pre-K4

Students who qualify for Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 are free. The district receives state funding for these students when they are in attendance. Attendance accountability is required.

Pre-K3/Pre-K4 Free Tuition Eligibility Requirements:

* Have a limited ability to speak and/or comprehend the English language, or

* Homeless; or

* Whose family income allows the child to qualify for free or reduced lunch; or

* Are children of active duty uniformed members, which includes parents or guardians, of

the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force or Coast Guard who are assigned to duty station

in Texas or who are Texans who have eligible children residing in Texas; or

* Are children of Guard and Reserve-Activated/Mobilized uniform members of the Texas

National Guard-Army or Air Guard or the Activated/Mobilized members of the Reserve

Components of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force or Coast Guard who are Texas

residents regardless of the location of the reserve unit; or

* Are children of an Active Duty Service member/Mobilized Reservist/Guardsman who was

injured or wounded while serving on active duty, also qualified; or

* Are children of military parents who are missing in action or who have died.

Information Needed for Registration:

Proof of residence within the district

Child's official birth certificate

Child's immunization record

Child's social security card (if available)

Proof of income (pay stubs/food stamp case number or TANF)

Picture ID of parent/guardian


Moody ISD will accept children and grandchildren of Moody ISD employees as part of an employee incentive program.

Open Enrollment for Moody residents whose children do not qualify for PK3 and or PK4

Tuition is established by the Board of Trustees.

2017-2018 tuition rates: Pre-K4 = $1,500.00 per year; Pre-K3 = $750.00 per year

Pre-K4 is a full day program. Pre-K3 is a 1/2 day program. (Non-qualifiers will need to pay for their lunches in addition to tuition.)

Tuition may be paid over a 9 month period and parents will be invoiced on a monthly basis. Delinquent payments may result in the withdrawal of the student. Non qualifying students who have delinquent accounts will not be enrolled the following year unless all accounts are current.

Contact: Susan Landua at the Moody ISD Administration Office for Tuition Information -


Contact: Tina Eaton Principal, Moody Elementary for registration information @ 254-853-2155.

Moody ISD Pre-Kindergarten plan and process:

  1. Add PK-3 as ½ day program and keep our PK-4 as full day. We will use local funds to offset the loss of PK-4 funding because the state currently only funds ½ day for the full time PK-4 students.

  2. Open up our PK program to all District residents because we have over 75% qualifiers. We feel giving every family (the other 25%)  the chance to benefit would be better for our community.

  3. Charge a Board approved tuition for the non-qualifiers: PK-3 half day is approved at $750.00 for all year.    PK-4 is $1500.00 dollars for the whole year.

  4. Recommend a  district ratio at 12/1 in PK3 and 15/1 in PK4, showing the commitment to offer the best opportunity to present quality instruction .

  5. Use an approved assessment program for the reading assessment component and some math. Our focus is reading at this age.

  6. Our district uses the pre LAS2000 for 4year olds and the pre LAS2000 Observational Assessment or district approved program is administered at BOY and EOY to LEP students.

  7. Frog Street press curriculum is used.

  8. We utilize balanced literacy in reading readiness.

  9. Hands on learning provided routinely as well as campus math/science/ELA projects

  10. Social skills lessons are built into curriculum and supplemented by professional staff

  11. Our Teachers will desegregate skills assessment data, and data team meetings are held every 5 weeks and BOY, MOY, EOY data is discussed.

  12. RTI and acceleration is provided for individual students as needed,  as determined at data team meetings.

  13. We will develop our own PK-3 & PK-4 local assessment that is reviewed, developed and approved by our Kindergarten Teachers.

  14. We have developed and follow up each 9 weeks with a DISTRICT developed document to show: Student growth, student participation, community/ business and parent opportunities for involvement, student attendance, number and type of campus safety drills, teacher professional development opportunities and Teacher attendance.

  15. Technology is utilized in PK3 and PK4 classrooms to enhance student learning.  Teachers intentional instructional planning drives the use of technology in the classroom.  The utilization of technology is included in lesson plans and Campus Scope & Sequence.  Enrichment and integration extend outside the classroom to include parent communication through our websites, weekly newsletters, twitter, Remind 101, pictures and/or videos placed on class websites.   Technology devices are also available in each classroom and are utilized as enrichment, intervention and/or guided practice tools.  Classrooms will provide students with a variety of learning modalities to enhance/enrich the presentation of lessons/activities.

Ideas for future Moody PreK 4 Acceleration Plan

Expectations of PK4 Acceleration Program - Students at BOY (Beginning of Year) who have attended PK3 at Moody Elementary.


  • Identify numbers 0-10

  • Rote count to 20

  • Identify red, yellow, green, orange, blue, pink, purple and white (not black, brown, gray)

  • Identify circle, square, triangle, rectangle

  • Sort by 1 attributes- Can identify what they are sorting by (color or shape)

  • Patterns - Create and Extend

  • Counting objects to 5

  • Identify and write some letters in name

  • Drawing/Scribbling pictures or letters

  • Can identify 15-20 letters and sounds

Social and Behavior

  • Fully potty trained

  • Attend to lesson being taught for at least 10 minutes

  • Walk in line with bears and bubbles

  • Close the door, flush potty and wash hands

  • Cafeteria procedures/routines - grab card, get spoon, get milk, get tray, walk to table and sit down

  • Respond to instructional strategies - transition music, “I need your help.” and whistle

  • Forming a line one behind the other

  • Morning routine - Put back pack and folder away

  • Inside voice

These identifiers and expectations will be reviewed each year by the PK3, PK4, Kindergarten and 1st grade staff.